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A national constitution created by citizens

"Keep in mind that comments should be brief. They should be separated from the articles by an horizontal line and be written in italics. These comments should help the reader and are different from the discussions we are having together. Our discussions should take place in the forums. For the most recent updates, please have a look at the "personal project" link, on the left menu"".


1 Introduction to the project

This project is designed for any nation, not just for France. It will require adjustments for Europe.

It is written in simple and easy language in order to have it accessible to all citizens. This text does not comply with the state of the art of the constitutional language in order to achieve both these goals. Maybe later a more formal language will be used.

When additional comments are required for the citizens to deeply understand an article and to vote for or against it, these comments were added in italics. These additional comments are different from our discussions which should take place in the forums. To keep the text light and readable, titles in the link syntax should be omitted as much as possible. The URL written between double brackets should be enough to get the small blue link (like this one [[1]]). This would be a good means to redirect debats and discussion on dedicated pages.

1.1 Intention

We, ordinary citizens freely assembled, not members of any current institution, solemnly pledged never to take personal powers defined by ourselves, fully aware of how important our institutions are to protect all of us against abuse, are deciding here to propose a new Constitution in order to establish the foundations of an authentic Democracy as a consequence of the natural rights of peoples to self-determination.

Discussion : "Which first steps for a national Constitution" [[1]] (French)

The present Constitution falls into two parts of different criticity and also different modification processes :

  • The first part which is the Preamble states the very basic and fundamental principles of a true Democracy. This part shall absolutely be especially stable. It shall be modified only if the strong and vast majority of the constitutional assembly (at least four fifth) agrees on the modifications and if a referendum also accepts these modifications.
  • The second part is a detailled description of how the principles stated in the first part should be implemented. This second part allows the citizens to adjust their soverainty modalities to better match the constraints of the current time. This part can be modified by a qualified majority of the Constitutional assembly (at least two third) and the modifications should also be accepted by referendum.

No power or institution can change a single line of the Constitution. Only a referendum approved constitutional assembly can modify the Constitution.

Our common and superior rule, deep foundations of an authentic Democracy, consists in these two principles : "People in power should not write the rules of that power" and "None should be ruled by a law she/he did not write or had no means to legally challenge".

1.2 Vocabulary

  • State : An administrative organization which has in charge the power and reponsabilities delegated by the people sovereignty.
  • Bank money : accounting entries evidencing indebtedness in the books of a bank. Temporary currency, doomed to destruction at the time of repayment with interest.
  • Fiduciary currency : currency which value is equal to the level of confidence the people is granting to, without any real value or standard.
  • Journalist : A journalist is a person which occupation is journalism. A journalist reports facts to inform the people. No specific diploma is required to be a journalist because of constitutional freedom and diversity among countries.

1.3 Diagram

A summary diagram has been ventured and has been discussed on the « Nouvelle constitution : organigramme » forum

SchemaPropositionConstitutionPlanC.jpg (Diagram translation to come)

... Big (and difficult) translation work in progress ...

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