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"Gentils Virus" are all those who believe that we do not live in a real democracy because we can only elect masters (professional politicians) who take decisions without really consulting or being controlled by us, the people, especially at national or higher levels.

We believe that many problems in our society are the consequences of the people's political impotence (the mother of all causes). We believe that this political impotence lies in our current institutions, especially national Constitutions, since they have been written by or for particular people so that "similar" people can "own" political power (or most of it), hence allowing themselves to use this power for the profit of a minority they belong to or serve, instead of the interest of all of us, the people they govern.

We believe that people in power should not write the rules of their own power.

We must talk around to awaken the slumbering citizens, so that we would be numerous to act for a true democracy. Thus we try to give people the "virus" of democracy so they can spread it too, hence the name "Gentils Virus" which literally translates into "Kind Germs".

The following video summarizes the message we spread:

Video : Democracy - Looking for the mother of all causes - Etienne Chouard TEDx
FICHE : Democracy - Looking for the mother of all causes - Etienne Chouard TEDx
Voir toutes les fiches vidéos - lien vers la video

We also have a website that has been translated into english :

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